5Dimes Review
  • Lowest juice
  • Adjustable lines
  • High betting limits
  • Easy Deposit/Payout
  • Trusted partner
  • Bonuses / promos less than other books
  • Website looks dated
(9 / 10)
(10 / 10)
(4 / 10)
High Roller:
(9 / 10)
(9.8 / 10)
Current Bonus/Promotion:

5Dimes is one of the top online sportsbook and casino available online.

Wagering Options:
  • Restricted countries: Slovakia, Slovenia, France, Portugal, Hungary, United Kingdom, Russia and Ukraine
  • At least 18 years of age
Deposit Methods:
Person 2 Person
Sportsbook Transfer
Withdrawal Methods:
Bank Wires
Certified Check
Sportsbook Transfer
Money Orders
Person 2 Person

"The Best Odds on the Net". This phrase has become synonyms with 5Dimes online sportsbook. 5Dimes has become a clear leader in the world of online sports betting. They have an impeachable track record for player safety and payout timeliness.

Since their inception in 1996, thousands of online players have trusted their wagers with 5Dimes. They have build up an excellent track record in player security, payout timeliness and customer support.

Overall Highlights of 5Dimes Sportsbook:

  • Best Odds on the Internet, Lowest Juice
  • Adjustable Lines - set your line and price
  • High betting limits - Excellent for High Stakes Players
  • 50% New Player Deposit Bonus (click to redeem)

Lines and Odds:

5Dimes offers the best sports betting lines on the Internet. They pride themselves on offering the best lines/lowest juice to their customers. Since 1996, 5Dimes has built a track record for offering the lowest juice around. They make it an effort to beat all the other online sportsbooks odds and lines.

5Dimes also offers adjustable lines. Players are able to adjust their lines and get a better price for a different line. Example of this would be if New England is -3 (-110), a player can adjust this line to New England -3.5 (+110). This is an excellent way for bettors to maximize their payouts.

Many of our large NFL betting clients choose 5Dimes because of this feature. Savvy sports bettors realize that every dime saved in juice adds up on the profit line.

5Dimes is also ranked as the Best MLB baseball sportsbook. They offer nickel and dimes lines, which only a few online books offer.

Bonus and Promotion:

5Dimes offers their first time depositors a 50% bonus. This bonus can reach a total amount of $530. Comparative, this signup/deposit bonus does not knock your socks off. But you have to remember, 5Dimes makes up for their lack of bonus in their reduced juice.

Sign up to 5Dimes Sportsbook here to Claim your 50% Signup Bonus.

Deposits & Payouts:

5Dimes offers excellent options for depositing and withdrawing funds from their sportsbook account. They have 20+ years experience help customers transact in their account. Many of our High Limit players choose 5Dimes because of this extensive experience moving large amounts of money.

5Dimes offers multiple deposit options for US players (see chart below). Fees are very comparative with other online books. They also offer free payouts on Mondays before PM ET.

Company Financials:

5dimes is ranked a top online sportsbook because of their solid company financial standing. 5Dimes has the funds to make any player account whole. They have a top notch track record of customer payouts. Because of their large player base, 5Dimes customers can sleep well knowing their player accounts are secure and solvent.

Max Bet and Additional Features:

5Dimes offers the highest Max bet of all online sportsbooks. They allow players to place multiple $5000 bets. The odds reset after every wager, but their is no limit on the number of wagers placed. Again, another great feature for High Limit Sports Bettors

They also offer excellent betting options and features to its users. These include live Betting, adjustable lines, live dealer blackjack and office pools (just to name a few). They are always innovating in new ways to keep player happy and entertained. Here is the summary of 5Dimes features and betting options:

5Dimes Sportsbook Contact Info:

  • Web page: www.5dimes.eu
  • Customer Service: 800-305-3517
  • Wagering Number: 800-442-0151
  • Email: info@5dimes.eu
  • Location: San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Year Started: 1996